Essay on Communication Skills is the Key to Success

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Executive Summary

The proposal aims at establishing the debating club at Orchard Middle School to improve the interaction among the students. According to Anderson & Mezuk proper communication plays a critical role in human interaction and learning process. In fact, through communication, students can adequately share their experiences, ideas, and emotions. The debating club shall be established in Orchard Middle School. The debating club intends to build a strong and a big hall that will accommodate more than 1000 students from different grades. Furthermore, the school shall work in collaboration with other partners from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs to improve students’ communication skills in the private and public settings.

Recently, with the emergence of social media and other interactive platforms, the students’ communication ability is drastically declining. A large number of students can hardly express themselves in the public using proper and recommended language. Therefore, through debating forums, the students will gain confidence and learn to analyze the critical issues during the discussion.  In response to the declining trends of communication skills among students, the debating club shall request funding from different sectors to facilitate regular debating sessions.

Orchard Middle School Debating Club Overview

Mission Statement

The mission of Orchard Middle School debating club is to provide the students with a superior platform for improving their communication skills which focuses on the principles of access, interaction, reliability and vitality.   

Goals and Objectives

To facilitate effective sharing of experiences, emotions, and ideas, Orchard Middle School debating club will pursue the following goals:

  • Set-up an independent Hall in the institution that will accommodate more than 1000 students from different grades.
  • Focus on language-oriented services to attract students with verse experience in communication skills from different parts of the society.
  • Provide generous benefits and continuing education to a large number of students to improve their listening and communication skills.

Statement of the Problem

After keenly studying the society for a long period of time, scholars established that the students in the different learning institutions in the United States lacked adequate concepts in communication skills. For instance, most of the students interviewed hardly incorporated the recommended forms of etiquette or used the required formal means of communications. Consequently, the scholars noticed the growing and the existing gap in the communication industry. Educationists from different disciples studied the growing trends in the decline of proper communication skills. Based on their experience, the educationists realized that there was a demand to revive the debating forums in the learning institutions to improve the communication capabilities of the students.

Therefore, the aim of the proposed project is to present a few briefs and honest guidelines for starting a debating club in learning institutions. According to Ray & Devi, much of the information and documentaries that people write depend on their verse experience in debating sector. Furthermore, the direct conversation with good debaters across the world proved that the largest percentage of people prefer direct students engagement in debating activities as a means of improving their communication skills. However, the students must undergo through some challenges while starting a debating club such as prolonged stay at the learning institutions. Furthermore, the debating process does not provide a guarantee that the learners’ efforts will have a lasting impact.


The management is one of the critical issues in ensuring the success of different projects in the society. To ensure that the Orchard Middle School debating club achieve its pre-set objectives, the learners must elect the stable and honest leaders in top management positions. The leaders will be responsible for initiating, overseeing and supervising the activities of the club such as finding the appropriate time for debate, calling for the debating assemblies, buying the stationery  items for the debaters, and organizing the debating hall in time. Furthermore, the management team will promote social responsibility in the school in which the club will be operating. To a large extent, the club leaders will ensure that the management works are smooth and cost-effective.

The Strategies Debating and Establishing a Debating Club

The student debates focus of the three major parts which include constructive speech, cross-examination, and rebuttal. In the constructive speech, the debaters begin the argument by stating the three supporting points at the beginning of the discussion and explaining the points in the preceding sentences. The constructive argument provides a platform which allows the debaters to analyse the strongest of the weakest points of discussion. Second, the students carry out cross-examination of the concepts which involving arranging the questions from general to specific issues. Rebuttal involves the process of pointing out the inconsistencies, absurdities, and illogical ideas of the opponents. The speakers have the opportunities to criticize the opposing arguments and states the importance of his concepts. At the rebuttal stage, the debaters do not require the new evidence but instead deconstruct the points of their opponents.

The students accrue some benefits from participating in the debates in the schools. For instance, through debates, students gain experiences which are essential to cognitive, life-experience and presentation skills. Second, the debate educates learners on the skills of conducting researches, organizing issues, and presenting information in the most compelling fashion. Through debating, the students can acquire knowledge which cut across a number of disciplines in the society. Furthermore, debates can improve the learners’ confidence and self-esteem, thus, improving their abilities to organize their thoughts in the best structures.


The Orchard Middle School will get their finance from the students’ contributions, support from the administration, the contribution from the government grants, and money from social investors. The students will use the money from charitable contributions to buy debating equipment and construct enough-spaced hall that can accommodate more than 1000 people.

Cost Analysis and Cost Structure

The total cost required for the establishment and operation of the Orchard Middle School is an approximately $ 16 650. The school presents a funding proposal of $16,650 to the Department of Children and Youth Affairs to complete the planning of establishing the debating club.  Part of the money would be set aside for the hiring and renovation of the hall to be used for the debates. The acquisition of renovation items and labor charges is estimated to be at $ 10 000. The student leaders can invest $ 3 000 to register the club, create a website, produce posters, develop invitation cards, and buy T-Shirts. The club will use the remaining $ 3 650 for traveling expenses and buying of the stationery such as pens, bells, clocks, and notebooks.

Start-Up Expenses structure

Construction of the Hall

Buying Start-Up Equipment

Buying Stationeries

10 000



TOTAL 16 500



In conclusions, the overall projections of the expenditures and the services stated in the proposal facilitate the attainment of the goals and objectives. Therefore, the students will improve their communication skills. Furthermore, the students will comfortably share their experiences, emotions, and ideas to different people in the society. Importantly, the debating will create the opportunity for the students to carry out researches and confidently presents their findings to relevant people.

Author: Patricia Leblanc