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The Community Learning Network provides leadership, resources, and connections to over 80 Community Adult Learning Councils (CALCs) across Alberta.

Community Adult Learning Councils address the part-time,
non-credit learning needs of adults within specified geographic
boundaries. Currently 80 in number, these unique councils
consist of representatives of the local community who work together
to meet the program goals:

  • To improve the accessibility of learning opportunities in Alberta’s communities, especially for those individuals with special needs or barriers to learning.
  • To provide opportunities for Albertans to acquire important foundational skills such as literacy and English as a Second Language.
  • To address education, training and learning gaps in Alberta’s communities.
  • To mobilize community volunteers and other resources in support of learning.
  • To contribute to solving individual and community problemsthrough learning initiatives, in coordination and cooperation with related organizations.

Author: Patricia Leblanc