Bonnyville Community Learning Council

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Learning happens daily, and especially in the jobs that we do. A few weeks back we discovered that one of our English Language Learners was traveling from Edmonton twice a week to attend our English classes in Bonnyville. This individual only shared this information with us on the last evening at our celebration potluck dinner with all our students, instructors and guests. This individual rarely misses a class, and only when extremely ill. This particular student enjoys the learning opportunities that assist in reaching their learning goals. How many of us would travel 5 hours weekly to attend classes? A definite sign of learner commitment.

When asked why Bonnyville, when other learning opportunities were delivered closer to home, the student replied that instructors were amazing, multi level learning instruction delivered on the same evenings, interactive classroom discussions, a lot of grammar, weekly homework assignments and being greeted with a warm welcome and a smile twice a week are all great incentives to participate in Bonnyville classes. This lifelong learner has asked to be placed on our student waiting list for the next level of English Language Learning classes, and we look forward to their valued contribution and participation.

This is an honor and a motivational success story that must be shared with others that value lifelong learning.

Thank you to Nicole Ferbey, from the Bonnyville Community Learning Council for sharing this story with us.