Edmonton Community Adult Learning Association

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Here’s what leaners involved in programs funded by the Edmonton Community Adult Learning Association are saying about their experiences:

“Great child development, encourages children to have better social skills. It gets parents to meet other parents and talk about all kinds of positive info.” Learner, ABC Head Start -Parenting program

“I believe that this workshop not only helped me see my hidden anger, it helped me understand what was making me angry. The interaction between my classmates helped me understand that it’s not anger that is the issue so much as how we deal with it. Thank you so much for believing in all of our potential. I do believe that the course provided was beneficial and will last with me for I have used the techniques taught and they really helped.” -Learner, Catholic Social Services- Anger Management

“My children LOVE singing the songs. My son’s speech has improved.” Learner, Centre for Family Literacy –Rhymes That Bind

“To be able to write a lot better and it makes me better.” Learner, Centre for Family Literacy- Writing Class for Adults

“I can talk to shop keepers in English and with the ETS bus drivers when I want to get off the bus.” Learner, Edmonton Chinatown Multicultural Centre- EAL for seniors

“The most rewarding part is getting to know the students and helping them to understand the new language and culture in Canada. I love learning about their homelands as well.”  Volunteer, Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers- EAL for Seniors

“My goal is to work with money so I can get a better job dealing with money, like at a restaurant. It is a real experience being back at school. I need more help on how to deal with money. Cynthia is the awesome math teacher. She is very nice lady. I really like being her with everyone.” Learner, Learning Centre- Math Program

“To grieve is part of living and I have learned that death ends a life, not a relationship. I can continue to draw upon that relationship all my life.” Learner, Jewish Family Services- Bereavement program

“I learned so much in this training- I used it recently at my job.  It was a really fantastic experience to use my new skills in this capacity.”

“I find I am using these skills with my friends and they really notice a difference in what a better listener I’ve become.”  Learners- The Support Network-Distress Line Training