Northeast Community Adult Learning Council

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Northeast Community Adult Learning Council has run the Food Safe course several times in the past few years.  There have always been folks who have backed out, but I have kept them on a list. The next time we offer the course, I make a point to phone them, as, in spite of signage and mail-outs, we always struggle to meet class quotas.

As I was finalizing arrangements for our most recent Food Safe course offering, I decided to contract the instructor for 8 students, thinking I would be paying for some empty seats.  I then got on the phone and a few days later, I was able to present the instructor with 13 participants! Part of the success was the person-to-person outreach I did, and the information I gave about generous course subsidies.

The course ran, and as I was finishing up the paperwork I realised I had to phone one of the participants to collect the $20 cash she had for me. When I thanked her for coming back to the office, she very pointedly smiled and thanked me for what I had done, saying, “I had wanted to get this course for a long time, now, but never could.” Now, she has a certificate to help her get a job in support of her growing family (the baby of which she ran home to nurse throughout the course!)

I am so happy for Alberta’s CALP program and our ability to help barriered learners.

Marilyn Eek, Coordinator
NE Community Adult Learning
Fort Vermilion, Alberta