Vermilion River CLASS

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Floyd was a hard rock miner who dropped out of school at a very early age to support his mother and sisters. His wife was a very caring and loving person who protected him and did everything that required reading or writing. With his wife’s loss in the Spring of 2009, he came to Vermilion to be with his daughter for a month (which has now turned into 5 months). With his daughter’s encouragement he came to CLASS to help him read and write and become more independent in his new life.

When he started, Floyd knew some basic words by memory only. Within three months of one on one tutoring, Floyd was sounding out 3 syllable words and writing Christmas cards to his friends back in Ontario. He is reading everything in sight now, and wrestling with the Reader’s Digest, which was one of his reading goals when starting. Floyd learned pre-basic computer skills through a CLASS computer course. He is now able to operate a ATM machine, and use his bank card anywhere. He wants to drive a vehicle next, and I have no doubt that with his energy and motivation, he will.

Floyd went back to his hometown in Ontario, and he is greatly missed. At the wonderful age of 79, Floyd proves that no one is too old to learn the essential skills of literacy. He is an inspiration to all that life may change, but changes can give you the opportunity to learn and grow if you take it.

It is possible to learn at any age, and make great friends and memories at the same time.