Welcome to Community Adult Learning Councils

Throughout our lives, we learn things. School challenges us to learn, our jobs demand further learning as the price of further success. We learn as a process of just absorbing the world around us; from family and from friends and from our interest in various things.

But the question, What did you learn today? is one we often reserve only for our children! As adults, we owe it to ourselves to think about learning as an ongoing process of discovery — one that doesn’t end with childhood or formal education, school and textbooks. Learning can take place anywhere, anytime.

Learn something new in life and you will receive a great many benefits in return:

You’ll have a new field in which to test your beliefs.
You’ll broaden your circle of friends.
You’ll break the old patterns … of topics for discussion, dogmatic resolve and a million other things.
You’ll restore your faith in yourself.
You’ll feel significant and challenged and ultimately up to the challenge.
Community Adult Learning Councils are committed to helping adults pursue their interest in learning in 83 communities for change across Alberta. You will find the contact information for your local learning council on this web site. Call for information on workshops and courses, literacy programs and other learning opportunities in your area.